Funerals held for brother and sister killed in Angelina Co. stabbings

Pepe and Rosa Piña, courtesy Piña family
Pepe and Rosa Piña, courtesy Piña family
Jennie Piña says her brother was a hero and her sister was her best friend
Jennie Piña says her brother was a hero and her sister was her best friend

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - A sad and very long day, Monday, for the family and friends of Pepe and Rosa Piña, a brother & sister killed last week, allegedly at the hands of Rosa's boyfriend.

As Terrance Barnes sat in jail, the people who knew the siblings attended their joint funeral service. Burials at two cemeteries followed. KTRE was invited to attend this morning's service.

Jennie Piña arrived late to her siblings' funeral. Not intentionally, but more so, out of a reluctance to say good bye.

"She was more than my sister. She was my best friend," said Piña.

Jennie witnessed the attacks on her 27-year-old sister Rosa and 29-year-old brother, Pepe. She knows the suspect blames her for wanting to break up the relationship he had with Rosa.

"He's a very jealous man, very jealous and controlling," said Piña.

In the end there were cries for help that resonate in jennies' mind.

"I fought as hard as I could to get him off her and then he just picked me up in one motion and just chunked me," said Piña.

Rosa leaves four children behind. Among them is 4-year-old Keyshann who was with her mother at the time of the stabbings.

"My mom was a great mom and I love her," Keyshann said.

"They don't quite understand it right now. You know, how do you explain to a three and four year old?" said family friend Renae Almaguer.

The Piñas services were held in Center, where the two attended high school.

Family and friends know grief. Rosa was buried next to an infant daughter killed in a bus accident. Pepe was buried near his mother who died in an auto crash.

Then there's another brother killed in a hit and run and two other brothers murdered execution style.

"You know we kinda feel like we're being picked on, but we know that things happen and you know God's not going to put anything more on you than what you can handle," said surviving brother Keith Simms.

Strength is far from Jennie. She was carried from her siblings' caskets crying, 'I'm sorry. I don't want to leave you.'

Jennie is comforted by those who love her, something she wishes she could have given her siblings.

"Every time I close my eyes I just hear her scream for help. My brother, he died a very heroic death trying to save all of us," said Piña.

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