Use of technology contributing to distracted walking problem

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Technology is keeping texting, socialmedia, news, and video games right at our fingertips

"Everything we do we want to doit instantly and take care of it right then and there," said DelphinaMaxie, ER Director, Woodland Heights Medical Center.

Whether you're walking through a mallor on campus, you're bound to have a run-in with a distracted walker.

"We get a text we answer the textwithout regard toward what we're doing and I don't think we realize that we'redistracted by it," said Maxie.

The Associated Press reportsdistracted walking is a growing problem.

In the last seven years ER visits fordistraction accidents have more-than quadrupled. But most injuries goun-reported.

"Texting and walking is quitedangerous especially when you're looking down and not paying attention to yourfeet and where steps are," said Tiffany Oliver, Angelina College Student.

Angelina College students say accidents don'tjust happen on campus or in a parking lot.

"Even if you do it in your houseand you know where everything is, if one thing is out of place and you'retexting you're going to slip and fall," said Jesika Morgan, AngelinaCollege Student.

"I had a forehead injury when Iwas texting and walking and ran into the door I was looking down and as soon asI looked up I ran right into the door because I thought it was open but itwasn't," said Marvin Carpenter, Journey's, Lufkin Mall.

Area hospitals tell us they haven'tseen any major injuries from distracted walking.

For now, all they can do is encourageEast Texans to be aware of the risk.

"We just need to make a habit of saying we'renot going to text when we're driving, we're not going to text when we'rewalking and stay focused so we can be safe and the people around us can besafe," said Maxie.

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