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Salon owner pleads guilty, awaits punishment for illegal breast injections

The East Texas salon owner accused of giving illegal breast and butt enhancement injections pleaded guilty to her charges Tuesday.

Carmel Foster was arrested in February and charged with two counts of practicing medicine without a license. The charges are third degree felonies.

"You and your lawyer have discussed those charges and decided to enter what we call an open plea of guilty to each of those charges?" Smith County 7th District Court Judge Kerry Russell asked Foster.

"Yes, Your Honor," Foster replied.

With one word, Foster sent a courtroom of potential jurors home or to serve in other cases.

"We've got a jury downstairs that was summoned for your cases. That's not what you want to do," Russell asked Foster.

"No. Your Honor," Foster answered.

Five months ago, Foster was arrested. According to police, she was giving illegal breast enhancement injections in the back room of her Tyler salon, Queen Divas.

From jail, Foster maintained that multiple women administered the injections for each other at what she called cosmetic parties.

"It's a group of women that come together where you can go online... say, if you want to do self-cosmetics... If you want to make yourself look beautiful," Foster said over the phone in April.

Tuesday, the state also said they'd be bringing more charges against Foster. Those charges are aggravated perjury and tampering with evidence. The charges stem from an April hearing and some paperwork in which Foster denied having previous felony convictions. Her record shows a 2009 conviction for theft of telecommunication service.

"In relation to the unindicted and unfiled aggravated perjury charge of April 25, 2012, do you acknowledge your guilt in relation to that charge?" Judge Russell asked.

Foster replied, "I do acknowledge my guilt to the charge, but I have some questions."

Judge Russell instructed Foster to consult her attorney first. After that, she said he was able to answer her questions.

As for Foster's punishment, that will be decided by Judge Russell on August 31. 

Foster's prior conviction makes her ineligible for probation. She faces up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for each of her two charges.

Tuesday, the State asked Judge Russell for Foster's sentences to be served consecutively, one after the other, instead of at the same time.

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