Anglers, skiers at odds at Lake Naconiche

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Lake Naconiche in northern Nacogdoches County has taken decades to reach its current stage.  Most all of the governmental red tape has been dispensed. Swimmers, anglers, duck hunters and water skiers are anticipating its opening, possibly as early as Sept. 1.

"I know what it's going to be like when that lake opens. There's going to be everybody in the world wanting to go there," commented Nacogdoches County Commissioner Elton Milstead at Tuesday's court meeting.

The parks board and county leaders have heard from all interested parties.

"We have to satisfy everyone's needs, not just one particular group," said Commissioner Jerry Don Williamson.

With that in mind, the debate between anglers and water skiers was settled. Skiing will be allowed near the Lake Naconiche dam.

"It will always be fishermen against water skiers to some extent. I'm not sure there will ever be anything that will bring them together," said J.D. Redfield, a person in favor of skiing.

"I've had as many people for water skiing as I've had fishermen against it, so you know, we have to meet somewhere in the middle," said Williamson.

The middle ground is indicated on a lake map, soon to be available for purchase. Skiers, anglers and hunters have designated areas. The lake rules are on the Nacogdoches county website. ( ) All lake users need to review them.

"(There's) lots of flooded timber in the lake, so stumps are going to be a concern, so the main thing is to be mindful of the underwater obstructions," warned Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden Heath Bragg.

Crowd control is another concern. For that the court has adopted a lottery system.

"There will be a application on the county website. We're working on that now and hope to have that in place soon," said Jimmy Mize, Parks Board chair.

Patience is the key. The over 1200 acre lake is small by East Texas standards, but planners believe it's large enough to accommodate all who want to use it.

Nacogdoches County Commissioners made it clear even though they approved water skiing at Lake Naconiche, they said the rule can be changed, if necessary.

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