Hudson VFD hopes to improve operations by using new fire camera

Fire camera video (Source: YouTube)
Fire camera video (Source: YouTube)

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - A video recording device could improve operations at Hudson Volunteer Fire Department. This small investment is expected to benefit East Texans in the long run.

"I thought it would be a really cool tool to use to try to integrate into the fire service," said Hudson volunteer firefighter and EMT, Jacob Smith.

Smith is one of about two dozen Hudson volunteer firefighters. With a slower wildfire season this summer, he's spending his time to look for ways to make improvements in the department. About a month ago, he used 150 dollars of his own money to buy a mini-HD fire camera.

"You can't put a price on lives. This could enable us to train and learn more and better serve this community," said Smith.

Smith says he's used his camera several times in the past few weeks to respond to fires. Just one touch of the button turns the camera on and off, and it can record up to one hour's worth of video in 15 minute increments.

Smith captured video of this truck on fire last Tuesday. He says when he watched the footage, he saw room for improvement in himself. He explained that he needs to slow down his breathing when using an air tank.

"They'll only last for a few minutes at a time. And, the slower you can breath, the deeper breaths, you know, that would help a little bit in making that time longer," said Smith.

Smith says not only will the new equipment help train fire crews, but it will also give the public insight into fires.

"They can't see what it's like up close. And, this gives a really cool firsthand perspective," said Smith.

He says his camera is the first one he knows of in East Texas.

"I just hope that this will be integrated in the training in the future, especially for fire departments around here," said Smith.

The camera is built to be completely fireproof and waterproof. Smith hopes that one day all of the firefighters in the department will have a camera too.

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