Restaurant Report-Angelina County-8/2/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Quizno's @ 4206 S. Medford: 24 demerits for improper temperatures, employees cannot wear jewelry or finger nail polish, clean floors under shelves in walk-in cooler, clean under equipment in front area, repair leak at compartment sink, fountain drink nozzles and ice dispenser need cleaning and cutting boards in prep line need replacing.

Burger King @ 2402 S. First: 17 demerits for personal items cannot be stored in prep area, replace light shields, do not store food or single service items on floor in dry storage or freezer, repair sink in women's restroom, clean under equipment, repair leak at fountain drink station in drive thru and all scoops must have handles.

Schlotzsky's @ 4601 S. Medford: 15 demerits for improper temperatures, do not store food items on floor of walk-in cooler, clean ceiling air vents, clean fan in baking area, do not store cutting boards on floor, toxic items must be stored properly, remove fly strip and clean inside ice machine.

West Loop Chevron Grocery/Deli @ 984 S. John Redditt: 14 demerits for clean under all shelves, do not store single service items on floor, clean oven, clean under all equipment, clean vent hood filters, clean air vents, replace ceiling tiles, clean under ice machine, clean cabinets at deli case, control flies inside establishment, clean ice machine, store ice scoop properly, clean fountain drink machine and check dates on all food products.

Dairy Queen @ 2305 Atkinson: 7 demerits for clean under equipment, need light shield in dry storage and repair leak at hand sink and compartment sink.

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