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Firefighters in Bowie County battle flames from hay bales


Firefighters in Bowie County, Texas spent Friday afternoon containing a fire that lit about 200 bales of hay near Hooks, Texas.

Hooks, Texas volunteer firefighters are allowing the hay bales to burn out, a process that could take a couple of days, according to officials at the scene. They'll also remain at the scene to contain the blaze and douse whatever hotspots they find, KSLA News 12's Fred Gamble says, reporting from the scene just outside of Texarkana, Texas.

Bowie County arson investigators as well as sheriff's deputies were called to the scene because authorities say they believe the fire's origin is suspicious. No injuries have been reported.

Land owner Scooter Campbell told authorities that he was passing by the area about 1 p.m. when he noticed smoke. The fire eventually reached 204 bales of hay on about one acre of land.

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