Death penalty 'definite possibility' for Angelina double-murder suspect

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A man accused of killing a Lufkin woman and her brother in July could be facing the death penalty, according to the Angelina County district attorney.

Clyde Herrington said it is a "definite possibility" that the state will pursue the death penalty for Terrance Barnes, 31, who is charged with capital murder.

Authorities believe Barnes stabbed his girlfriend, Rosa Pina, and her brother, Pepe Pina, to death at their residence on John Kolb Road on July 26. He was arrested in the area that night, following a massive manhunt. Authorities say he confessed to the stabbings.

Barnes was in District Judge Paul White's courtroom Monday morning, where he was supposed to announce who his attorney would be.

Barnes explained to White that his mother was going to hire an attorney. White had Barnes write down her phone number and left the courtroom to call her.

When White returned, he asked why the number did not go through and if he had another number.

"I have some numbers in my cell," Barnes said. "I don't remember them off the top of my head."

"Well, bring them tomorrow," White said. "We'll have you back over here."

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