End of a Texas staple

The UIL has stepped in and pretty much put an end to a long-time tradition in Texas: football two-a-days. At 10, Francesca Washington explains why officials have made this decision and what it means for football programs across East Texas.

Two Nacogdoches County jailers are no longer indicted for negligent homicide of a jail inmate. This afternoon, a motion to quash a grand jury indictment was granted by a visiting judge. At 10, Donna McCollum reports the order basically ends the prosection against the defendants.

Healthcare reform has been a popular topic of debate in recent years with the passing of Obamacare in 2010. The affordable care act was passed to make healthcare and insurance affordable for every American. However, criticism of the act and debates around repealing it continue to circulate. Lufkinites are taking matters into their own hands -- working to make healthcare available in their own community. Alexis Spears has that report at 6.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor