ETX football teams adjust to UIL practice rules

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - About 20 incoming Diboll freshmanspent Tuesday morning on a football field for pre-season practice.

New rules by the UIL regulate just howmuch time these players can spend on the field, prohibiting two a daypractices.

"Its looking out for the safetyof our kids no doubt and with all the heat related deaths you've heard about inthe past 10 years," said Kevin Hurley, Assistant Head Coach, Diboll H.S.

Teams are allotted three hours ofpractice time but that three hours doesn't include breaks shorter than 30minutes or time spent weight lifting.

"We'll go 20 minutes of weights,give them a 10 minute break, 20 minutes of conditioning and then we use our 30minute break," said Shane Adair, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach,Diboll H.S.

The Diboll coaching staff believes therules not only combat the heat but they also regulate contact on the field.

"Take away from the concussionsthat can occur on the football field," said Bruce Bolden, DefensiveCoordinator, Diboll H.S.

All pre-season practices start with afour day acclimatization period. They can wear their helmets but no other typeof equipment.

"It just gets the kids back inthe heat that have been indoors playing XBOX and all that stuff," saidAdair.

Coaches believe the weather is no differentthan from when they played football and practiced twice a day.

"As kids we didn't have the video gamesand weren't always inside in the A/C we were kind of used to being outside inthe heat and I think that's one of the things kids have gotten away from,"said Bolden.

"We give them plenty of waterbreaks if a kid says he needs water we make sure he gets off the field, gets itand gets right back in the drill," said Adair.

But have no problem changing the format itkeeps players healthy.

"At the end of the day makingsure that the kids are safe and making sure that they can go on after they leavethe game field," said Bolden.

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