Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches 8-9-12

Mexico Lindo @ 4010 South Street: 22 demerits for eggs not at right temperature, dirty fans, no datemarking, items in hand wash sink

La Braza @ 3714 South Street: 25 demerits for cooler not at right temperature, uncovered foods, incorrect storage of corrosive items, empty old mop water, handwashing only at hand sinks, provide thermometer for cook

Texas Travel Plaza @ 4010 South Street: 21 demerits for dirty dairy cooler, dirty drink nozzles & microwave, dirty nacho machine, no soap, toilet paper in bathrooms, plumbing fixtures needed, test strips needed, popcorn handle stored in popcorn, opened dumpsters, mow and weed fenceline, keep trash picked up.

Wendy's @ 1602 North Street: 7 demerits for dented can,no thermometers for coolers & freezers