Polk Co. pot field bust 'one of largest in Texas history'

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Polk County Sheriff's Office is uncovering a 675-acre marijuana field, what one officer is calling one of the largest drug busts in Texas history, in the Leggett area.

Chief Byron Lyons said crews are harvesting nine different fields off of Ollie Loop.

Lyons said the harvest is the culmination of a four-month investigation.

He said nobody has been found on the site and no warrants have been issued.

Lyons said federal officials are assisting in the investigation and harvest.

Lyons said about 100 officers from about 12 different law enforcement agencies converged on the fields Thursday morning. Two DPS helicopters, along with one from the Air Force and one from the Drug Enforcement Agency are picking up the plants.

"We've never had this many plants recovered at any one time," said Sheriff Kenneth Hammack.

"Some of it we were not able to get out and subsequently we had air-lifted out with helicopters and brought to this location to be loaded in the trailers," Hammack said.

At least 30,000 plants have been recovered. All from a tip.

"It's becoming a common, somewhat of a common ocurance in East Texas," said DEA agent Chris Wells. "Over the last couple of years, there's been a couple of instances where law enforcement has located several grows."

Officials have made contact with the owner of the property, but have made no arrests just yet.

While the investigation continues, deputies are certain it took more than one person to tend the crop.

"It's too big of an operation for one person to single-handedly do this with a clearing, planting, and everything they've done to the plants before we discovered them," Hammack said. "It's a major undertaking. And, one person wouldn't be able to do that."

They're already claiming a second victory: none of the pot had been distributed before the bust.

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