Jury finds ex Baby Doll's dancer guilty

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Krystyna Reynolds wanted a jury trial for a charge of not having a license to dance in a sexually oriented business. Friday she got it, but it wasn't the answer she was wanting. Jurors found her guilty. Reynolds will serve a year's probation.

Baby Dolls club was where customers would come to watch scantily clothed women dance. The question is, how little were they wearing? And what kind of dancing were they doing? Those topics were addressed in Nacogdoches County Court at Law Friday.

Bare bottoms, pasties and simulated sex acts aren't normally discussed in a county court at law. Prosecutors John Fleming and Paige Patillo talked the talk to help prove Baby Dolls is actually a sexually oriented business which required employees to be licensed.

Reynolds said she inquired about the need of licensing, but everyone, including her bosses and the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department said she didn't need one.

"I tried looking into it and I couldn't find clear information and any information I did find was obviously wrong," said the 23 year old.

Reynolds said she had been told numerous times Baby Dolls was a 'bikini club', where dancers bottoms and breasts were covered and no license was needed.

An undercover officer who performed under the alias "Sam" testified management instructed her to remove the top by the second dance. The woman testified she placed band aids on her breasts,while pasties were used by other dancers. Despite the cover, the officer reported to authorities that she saw nudity. That led to last year's raid that happened on August 11.

A former dancer who goes by "Foxie" also stated there were numerous discussions among the girls that they should go get a license. The woman pleaded guilty to the same charge and testified for the state in the jury trial.

Reynolds was known as "Gypsy" on the stage and as she fought the legal battle she somewhat portrayed that image. Reynolds is the only dancer to fight the charge. She didn't win and is now on probation for twelve months, but she believes she stood up for what she thought was right.

"If I do something, I take responsibility for it and when I don't I fight it," said Reynolds. Reynolds will pay court costs, but will not be fined. She will also conduct community service.

Baby Dolls has been closed ever since a raid nearly a year ago today. Many of the dancers have moved on to other clubs in other cities. Some have changed their lifestyles. Bottom line, the club is closed and to law enforcement and many residents in Nacogdoches County the goal was achieved.

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