Church ministry saving on gas despite price increase

Drivers across Texas are feeling thepain at the pump with gas prices jumping 13-cents.

"Gas prices their ridiculous I needan extra job to pay for gas," said Wilma Pye, Houston Traveler.

According to the latest AAA survey,the average price per gallon in Texas rings up at $3.49 in East Texas it's adime more expensive.

"It fluctuates all the time, oneminute your at the pump and its says one thing and then you drive by laterafter you fill it up its lower or higher," said Sharon Johnson, Children'sPastor, Claw son Assembly of God.

Wilma Pye is driving through Lufkin to Houston.The spike is an unexpected addition to her travel costs.

"Gas prices there were $3.52 andit took 55 to 60 dollars to fill up this little truck and then I got to EastTexas I had to fill up again its $3.59," said Pye.

The drought in the mid-west is alsocontributing to the rising price of crude oil. With wide swings in prices thebus ministry at Clawson Assembly of God refuses to park their message.

"We have a gas tank in the backso we can buy diesel whole sale that way it won't be such a big concern becausewe were watching prices for quite some time," said Johnson.

The ministry has nine bus routes thattransport about 400 students from, wells, Rivercrest, Hudson and Central to-and-from the church.

Their investment in a 16-hundredgallon tank is making fueling less of a hassle.

"We know that our credit card isn'tswiped as much, we have seen a great difference in our bills we're a lothappier with it," said Johnson.

Industry experts believe the priceswill eventually go down when summer traveling comes to an end.

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