Memory box mix-up adding to Woodville couple’s grief after miscarriage

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - Woodville resident Billy Hall opens the memory box given to him and his wife Angela after she had a miscarriage last Tuesday.

An item believed to help families cope with the loss of an unborn child is actually prolonging their grief.

"The doctor came in early that morning around 7:30 and told us they had a memory box for us and that we could have some closure," said Billy Hall.

Hall's wife was just three months pregnant when they entered the emergency room at Woodland Heights.  She had started bleeding early that day and by Tuesday morning the child was pronounced stillborn.

"We had the choice of taking it home and having our final goodbyes," said Hall.

The couple decided to take the stillborn home for a proper burial, when they opened the box the name inside wasn't theirs.

"There was someone else's name on there, a young girl it was labeled on the box and the package itself," said Hall.

Hall called the hospital, wanting answers, concerned the baby they brought home wasn't theirs.

"They told me they were sorry, they would have to investigate this," said Hall.

Woodland Heights declined comment on the mix up but according to hall, quality officers told him after checking with nurses it was an honest mistake.

"It was quite some time later when someone called me back and they told me it was just mislabeled and its yours," said Hall.

Hall says lack of communication is making hard to trust the hospital and would prefer a DNA test to prove the identity of the child.

"We're just not for sure it may be, we would just like some closure," said Hall.

And the opportunity to lay their child to rest properly.

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