Corrigan council fires police chief

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - As Monday's city council meeting cameto a close, Corrigan residents lined up to shake hands with former Police ChiefRay Stubbs, after council members voted to have him fired.

"That's it, they fired a goodman," said Greg Bell, Corrigan Resident.

"They did not follow proper proceduresas far as receiving any written complaints Chief Stubbs had no opportunity torefute or admit to anything," said Clay Dark, Attorney.

Since January of this year the Stubbs'position as police chief has been a consistent item on the council agenda, butthe reason for it was still unclear.

The council claimed complaints hadbeen made against the chief however none were presented at Monday's meeting.

"There were no accusations madeagainst him only one commissioner said she didn't have anything against him,she didn't like how things were going," said Dark.

City employee Greg Bell is a formerpolice officer and just one of many residents who spoke on Stubbs' behalfduring the meeting.

He says with Stubbs in office, thecity has been safer.

"He's done a good I've workedthere, I've seen everything from the inside out and I've never seen him do abad job," said Bell.

Council members Johnna Lowe, IreneThompson, Earlie Baldwin and Johnnie Brooks voted to terminate Stubbs, noting alack of confidence in his ability as police chief.

George Murphy was the only councilmember not to go into private session and the only one who opposed Stubbs'termination.

"I just know that the leadershipof Corrigan is in desperate need of help," said Bell.

Stubbs does have an attorney but hasn't statedif he will file a lawsuit against the city.

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