Lottery announced for opening weekend of Lake Naconiche

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Lottery applications to launch a boat on Lake Naconiche during its first two weeks of being open are now available.

The applications are on the county's website or can be picked up at the courthouse security desk.

The application and five dollars gives East Texans a chance of being one of 30 lucky boaters to use the lake one designated day.

Jerry Don Williamson, Nacogdoches County Commissioner for Precinct 1, says the number is limited by parking space.

"We don't have the parking facilities for more than 30 boats and trucks and trailers. It's not that we're trying to keep the people out of the lake. It's just we don't have the parking facilities for so many boats and trailers."

Boaters who launch in locations other than the boat ramp may also use the lake.

This weekend and next, the Naconiche park will be open to visitors. No activities are allowed. It's strictly an opportunity to see the lake and park.

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