Study: blood type can influence risk for heart disease

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A study released by the American Heart Association claims your blood type could influence your risk for heart disease.

Researchers identified blood types for 90,000 patients and over a period of 20 years identified the incidents of heart disease among them.

"The incidents were more in blood group A, B and AB and incidents were significantly less in O group," said Dr. Ravinder Bachireddy, President, The Heart Institute.

Those with blood type B had an 11 percent increased risk and type a five percent. The study shows those with type AB were most vulnerable to heart disease with a 23 percent increased risk.

"AB is the least common blood type only seven percent of the population has AB which is good," said Chandra.

About 43 percent of Americans have blood type of O, which according health officials is the most common. Its also the least at risk for heart disease.

"Researchers feel people with the blood type AB have higher cholesterol in their system and they've found that people with blood type O have substances that can dissolve blood clots," said Chandra.

Cardiologists say knowing your blood type is important, because if you're at high risk you can adjust to a healthier lifestyle sooner rather than later.

"They can work harder in reducing other risk factors like diet, checking cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, smoking things like that and exercise," said Chandra.

While you can't control your blood type doctors say you can manage your health.

"You really cannot change, you are born with your blood type you have to live with it," said Chandra.

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