Abandoned Lufkin boat staying on property for good

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An outpouring of support for an abandoned boat has convinced a future Lufkin store owner to keep it on the property.

John Benda, owner of Fuel City, said he has decided to keep the boat on the property. He said he will have palm trees planted around it and get it painted. He also said he may put a Panther on it to show support for Lufkin High School.

Benda said he had the boat moved to a different part of the property, which will be the permanent home.

Benda said he has been flooded with calls to keep the boat on the property after KTRE aired a story last month about the community's grass roots effort to save the boat.

There's no conclusive answer as to where the boat came from or how many years it's sat on the land next to Jack In The Box, but Lufkinites called it a local landmark and began an effort to keep it on the property.

Benda is building a Fuel City and Denny's at the location off of Loop 287.

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