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8/16/12- Restaurant Reports: See which ones inspectors marked up

Foods out of temperature and unclean work spaces were just some of the violations found by health inspectors on their latest rounds.

Starting the list off this week is China Café off the West Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler.
They had several foods that needed to be discarded after inspectors found them stored in the wrong temperature.
Their chicken, chili, and chicken wings, some condiments, and baby corn are just a few of the items.
Inspectors also found nine dead roaches, and one live roach by the storage area.
Total demerits: 16

Jack in the Box off South Broadway is up next with an unclean storage area.
Inspectors noted several personal items, like purses by the clean utensils and plastic lids.
They also saw mold on food prep cooler gaskets.
Total demerits: 16

Third at bat is Ryan's Family Steakhouse, off South Broadway in Tyler.
A dishwasher was observed not washing his hands between handling dirty and clean dishes.
And, several foods were pulled for being out of temperature, including their sour cream, shredded cheese, and their raw chicken.
Inspectors also issued a 60-day notice for all employees to attend a basic food worker training.
Total demerits: 17

Inspectors stopped by the Donut Palace, off South Beckham in Tyler, and found that the walls in a sink room were molded. Inspectors told them to clean and re-paint all the walls in that room.
Several food products, including bacon, cheese and kolaches were stored at least 10 degrees too warm.
Total demerits: 18

Bodacious BBQ off FM 14 in Tyler strike out, after inspectors found employees have bad fingernail maintence, and personal drink cups stored over food on kitchen shelves.
Inspectors also wrote them up for having a roach infestation by their sinks and refrigerator.
Total demerits: 18

Last up, Schlotzsky's Deli off the West Southwest Loop 323 in Tyler.
Inspectors found several of their foods, including ham, chicken, tomatoes, pepperoni, and lettuce, stored in too warm of temperature.
They also found spray chemical bottles stored by clean utensils on the storage shelf.
And while cutting meat, inspectors saw dried food residue on the back side of blade, and the cutting board in bad repair.
Total demerits: 19

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