Nacogdoches immigration attorney warns about DREAMer scams

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches immigration attorney Richard Fischer is already hearing about scammers. They're trying to destroy the dream of East Texans wanting temporary legal status.

"The ones to be scared of are the 'notorios' and the fly by night consultants and the ones who don't have any credentials at all," warned Fischer. "There are several of them operating in this area."

And elsewhere according to the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid. ( )

"People out there saying, 'I can help you with this; I have special connections to immigration officials; I can guarantee that your deferred-action application will be approved, but in return you need to pay me so many thousands of dollars,' said Cynthia Martinez, Texas Rio Grande legal aid spokesperson.

Fischer has heard as much as $2,500 has been charged. The promises can't be guranteed, even by an immigration attorney or an accredited representative.

The biggest fear is by alerting the government of their undocumented status that it will actually trigger their own deportation.

A fear Luz Garcia is accepting. The SFA graduate holds two degrees in nursing and Spanish. Garcia is hoping her application will lead to work authorization.

"I'm so excited and nervous at the same time, but you can do so much," said Garcia. "There are so many people with so much potential to give and I think to be part of that; it's a blessing."

When Garcia was brought to the United States from Mexico she was only a few years older than the 3 month old daughter she has now. Garcia is making sure she gets the right advice to lead her to another dream of becoming an American citizen, just like her daughter.

A website has been created to help Texas residents decide whether to pursue 'deferred action status'.

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