Mistrial declared for Trinity Co. man who cut water lines on his property

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Trinity County judge declared a mistrial for the man who cut a water line, shutting off water for himself and 75 other Nogalus Prarie and Centralia residents.

Tuesday evening, a hung jury could not reach a verdict during deliberation.

"I feel really bad about it but on the other hand I'm not responsible for their water," said Bobby Conner.

Bobby Conner cut a line on his property in July of 2011. Tuesday in court he said he had no intention of cutting off water, he just needed access to his shed.

"This is Texas we're the state with the most with our property other than anyone else, I'm just practicing my rights," said Conner

Elmer Myers was called to the stand, he planned on doing business with Conner and rent his shed but a riser from the water line kept the doors from opening.

The riser was estimated to be five to six feet in front of the door making it impossible to back a trailer into the shed.

Conner is charged with disruption of water service, a third-degree felony. He says he even hired an attorney to contact the water board to have the line removed.

When nothing happened... Conner took matters into his own hands.

"Took my tractor and dug out my water line up and took my steel chain saw and cut the line," said Conner.

Conner says he refused several requests for an easement from the water company and the riser was put in without his permission. He testified he never removed the riser but admitting to cutting a quarter of the line to gain access to his shed.

Prosecutor Joe Ned Dean says members of the water board never received a written complaint from his attorney and whenever Conner called it would be during the night.

Trinity County prosecutors said Connor will stand trial again at a later date.

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