Memorial Hospital housekeepers making towel animals to uplift patients

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Natasha Coutee has worked as a housekeeper at LufkinMemorial Hospital for two years. She gives patients a little more than aclean hospital room.

"Patients are really happy that you get it, it showsyou really care about the patients you're not just in there to do job,"said Coutee.

Coutee is just one of the many Sodexohousekeepers who make towel animals and present them to patients when they tidyup.

Manager Felipe Galindo says the creations takefive minutes to make.  It's extra timespent that goes a long way to make patients feel special.

"Its bad enough they're in herebecause they're sick and what not but we want them to feel welcome like they'reat home," said Galindo.

The cleaning staff has managed to formflamingos, dogs and even elephants.

"Its not the housekeeper itsFelipe, its not just a housekeeper it's a name," said Galindo.

Coutee knows first-hand just how a simplegesture can bring hope. She brought a towel to a patient just before she died.

"I was just picking out certain towel animalsto give to patients and for some reason I gave her the elephant," saidCoutee.

The family later told Coutee it broughtcomfort during her hospital stay.

"They also let me know that anelephant to her meant something special to her it meant the elephant was ahealing agent and later that morning she passed away," said Coutee.

These housekeepers visit about 200patients a day leaving each a small token of love.

"We don't want to just go inthere and clean patients rooms, we want to engage the patient, its just veryrefreshing to see we've made a change," said Galindo.

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