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Mobile home fires ruled arson


Smith County authorities are working to put an arsonist behind bars.

Lindale, Red Springs and Dixie Fire Departments responded to two mobile home fires reported shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday morning. This happened at the Town and Country Trailer Park at 4351 Highway 110 N.

"Determining the cause of the fire, that's going to be the easy part. Trying to determine who might have set these fires will be a lot more difficult," said Oren Hale, Smith County Assistant Fire Marshal. 

When authorities arrived on scene, they found two neighboring mobile homes on fire.

Authorities said both homes were unoccupied, yet the fires started inside the homes, which firefighters said is a red flag.

"There's just no way for two fires to start at the same time in adjacent trailers," Hale said.

When the property owner arrived, he found one mobile home completely destroyed and the other with extensive interior damage. 

Authorities said witnesses might have seen the person who started these fires. 

"Someone was seen down there a few minutes before the fires were seen," Hale said. 

A neighbor, who wants to remain anonymous, told us he was outside mowing the grass when he saw someone pull up to the property.

"There was a guy down here in a blue Chevrolet pickup and right after he left, I saw the smoke coming out of the trailer," he explained. 

He has given the description of the truck and driver to authorities who tell us they are following up on those leads. 

It is a crime that has neighbors worried about their own property.

"I don't want no trouble. I don't need any trouble like that. I hate to see happen to anybody, but I don't want it happening to me either, you know," the neighbor said. 

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