Lotto Drawing Reaches 100-Million Dollars Mark

100-Million dollars. A number that's hard to imagine, even harder to imagine in your bank account. But that's why people keep buying the tickets.

Wesley Walker, a Polks convenience store employee said, "well we had a guy come in here today and buy 120 dollars worth of lottery tickets to try to win the big 100 million. And we've been selling them left and right crazy."

Crazy is right, if you listen to what some people plan to buy with the winnings.

"Well first I'd buy my husband the biggest tractor I could find because that's what he really wants. And I'd have smiley faces painted all over it...(laugh)...that way I could drive it."

"I think I'd probably buy a yacht and go fishing a whole lot."

"I would buy a house and I'd give some of it to charity."

Ok, so giving to charity would be the noble thing to do. But with 100-million dollars you would have some spending cash left over. A lot of people, including myself have a hard time imagining 100-million dollars, so let's put it into perspective.

A big mac costs about $2.50, and a can of soda costs about $.50. For 100-million dollars you could have this meal morning noon and night for more than 30,000 years.

You could have already saved the money if you saved a dollar a day since, let's say, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

If you like big cars that guzzle gas, you could buy 2000 hummers. Personally I would go for 1 and keep the rest of the money for gas. Considering today's prices you could only get about 50-million gallons of gas for what you would win.

Now if those numbers seem out there, consider our president. In a campaign year, candidates will spend on average of almost 3 times the amount of the 100-million dollar jackpot that someone could win.