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Alto ISD kicks off school year with wrestling benefit


Students at Alto ISD started of their school year with a series of wrestling matches in the high school gymnasium.

"Lots of hard hits we got some of the hardest hitters in Texas all in one building," said Mykal Kross, Professional Wrestler.

Professional Warrior Wrestling Alliance wrestlers from across Texas stepped into the ring all to benefit the Alto School District.

Derrick Chancellor graduated from Alto in 1998 and has been wrestling professionally for 13 years now he focused on giving back to the community that helped him succeed in his career.

"I got a lot of friends that wrestle from all around the state and out of state and we actually got together and collaborated on trying to get a show here for Alto," said Chancellor.

 With names like "The Black Mamba", "Psycho" and "Rage" stepping into the ring there was never a dull moment.

"A lot of action, a lot of personas, trash talking I mean the whole works everything you see on TV you will see here," said Chancellor.

 Apple Springs native Mykal Kross steps into the ring as "The Backwoods Brawler" and says the benefit is opportunity to inspire a new generation of wrestling fans.

"I was a wrestling fan growing up but there was never anything around and I know kids love the wrestling. They're super heroes on stage jumping, flying its just great experience and I want to bring it to anybody around," said Kross.

Despite the fun and games the ultimate goal for the wresters is be a positive role model for students and Chancellor plans on devoting more time to his home town.

"I'm not leaving this is actually where I want to do more shows, to actually get the community involved and have something for the kids, keep them out of trouble," said Chancellor.

On October 27th the Warrior Wrestling Alliance will host another benefit show with the proceeds going to the Alto Chamber of Commerce.    

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