For first time in nearly a century, San Augustine opens new school

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - The last time San Augustine opened a new school was way back in the 1920s.

"I've often said that I'm not sure anybody is left alive that's ever seen a new campus being opened, so it's a big affair for us," said Superintendent Walter Key.

Never before have San Augustine school finances fallen into place like they are now.

"Our values were $127 million and today they are $633 million," Key said.

Then the offer for a federal interest free loan comes along. That makes it easy to pay back $5.2 million to build the new middle school.

"That was almost a no brainer for our community," Key said.

The brain work will be left up to the students as they're introduced to all kinds of new technology.

"We're building the entire building for wireless technology," said middle school Principal Tim Little. "We're moving towards one to one computing."

"San Augustine Independent School District certainly isn't stopping with a new middle school. Already on the drawing board are big plans for the athletic department.

"For a new football field, track, we never had a track here," Key said. "A new fieldhouse, new home stands and if the voters approve that, we would build a new band hall."

Right now parents and faculty want students to realize how lucky they are to have a new school and plans for even more improvements.

"That the energy is there," said Marcus Haffred, a middle school teacher. "We as teachers are ready to teach and the students, we hope, are ready to learn."

In addition to the new middle school, San Augustine Elementary and High School opened following extensive renovations.

The former Lincoln Middle School will be turned into an administration building.

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