Isaac taking aim

Brad Hlozek tells us today that Hurricane Isaac has a pretty solid chance of bringing heavy rain to parts of East Texas and that any part of the KTRE viewing area could experience power outages. Of course that's only a possibility, but it is a very real one. As the storm draws nearer, the forecast changes and that's why we have Brad available to find out what it means for you. He'll be at the top of the newscasts at 5, 6 and 10 with the latest forecasts.

A Diboll man died in Nacogdoches County today in what investigators say was carelessness by a truck driver. Tonight at 6, Francesca Washington interviews the son of the man killed in the wreck and speaks to a truck-driving instructor on how this could have been avoided.

Protesters against the Keystone XL pipeline took matters into their own hands, literally. At 10, Alexis Spears explains why seven people were willing to go to jail to protest what is happening to their land.

And at 6, Donna McCollum will tell you how you can give to a good cause and possibly win a free car.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor