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First it was pizza, now it's hunting licenses!


If you're a hunter you know all about how long it can take to get your license. You have to wait in line, fill out paper work, and that can kill a couple hours of your day.

There is a much quicker way if you have the internet.

Chris Swift admits he's more at home outside than in front of a computer, which makes sense since he's a game warden, but he's going to take us through the steps of having your hunting license delivered to your door.

"The website's going to be," Chris said.

Click on buy online, read the agreement and continue. Pick your category: Other, never done this, or are in the system like Chris.

"Then we're going to fill out the first page; name, date of birth, social security number or driver's license, things like that," Chris explained.

A customer number is generated, but if you think you can just buy your license now, well you can't no matter how many times you try. With some help, we found you have to click on "Modify License Profile", go to the next page, at the bottom click "modify profile", and then you can enter additional information.

I guess a good hunter will track down the right page.

Then you choose your type of license and "continue" to select license year.

"You want to select next year. You don't want to hit this year or you'll only have a license for two days," Chris advised.

Texas Parks and Wildlife year starts September 1. Continuing, you select the type of license, and then hit "OK". Next page, click hunt and get your HIP certification (which is telling how much game you got last year), and any other licenses you need. Next, tell big brother about your big game, and enter how many duck stamps you want.

That's it, other than the credit card thing. You will have to leave your house to go hunting. You can't do that on the internet just yet.

Your receipt is delivered to your email and printable, but the actual license will be in the mail.

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