Lake Naconiche open to public after years of planning and construction

Lake Naconiche open to public after years of planning and construction

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Lake Naconiche was officially opened to the public Saturday morning.

"Well the community of Nacogdoches has been waiting for this for over 50 years," said Bill Plunkett, Lake Naconiche Officer.

Now anglers in Nacogdoches County have new spot to catch fish.

"We were expecting a lot of people during the first opening time period and we selected a lottery system to make it more comfortable," said Plunkett.

For the first 14 days the lottery system will limit how many boaters can come in and enjoy the lake.

Lake Officer Bill Plunkett says the lottery was necessary because of the limited amount of parking available to accommodate boat-trailer combinations.

"We're allowing 19 boats per day to come in and fish under this lottery and the general public that doesn't pull a trailer can come in and fish and swim or just observe and enjoy the lake," said Plunkett.

Construction on the park was funded through a combination of federal and county funds.

Local angler Richard Self was thrilled about opening day and was out on the lake at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning and is already having success on the park's fishing dock.

"To me they were biting real good when I first got here but it seems like it slowed down a bit which I think that's normal but overall I can't complain. I caught eight or nine Bass half about four and a half pounds, the rest about two and a half pounds, three pounds," said Richard Self, fisherman.

Plunkett says Lake Naconiche Park will serve as a fun attraction for the public as well as an economic booster.

"Well this is going to be a water shed at some point for possibly supplying water and its also for recreation," said Plunkett.

Now after decades of planning and construction fisherman can finally cast their line in Lake Naconiche.

"Well if they keep biting I'm going to stay," said Self.

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