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Tar Sands Blockade chain themselves to equipment in protest


A group of protestors chained themselves to construction equipment on Wednesday to delay construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The construction site is off CR 3532, west of Mount Vernon in Hopkins County.

Protestors with Tars Sand Blockade say they are happy to have stopped construction for the day, but they are not done yet.

"I really see this as my chance to stand up and do something," says protestor, Sarah Reid.

By chaining themselves to large work equipment Tar Sands Blockade hopes to stop the construction of the TransCanada pipeline one day at a time.

"We love this state. We love the land, the water, the air and the nature. We just can't accept for it to be destroyed by people whose only concern is to make a profit," says protestor, Gary Stuard.

"We hope to stop this pipeline; it's necessary to stop this pipeline. It's a threat to our constitutional rights, it's a threat to our future and those directly impacted here on the ground. It's a threat to their family's health, safety and security," says Tar Sands Blockade spokesperson, Ron Seifert.

Seifert says the Keystone XL Pipeline, that is set to run from Canada to the Gulf Coast, will be putting many people's lives in jeopardy.

"They are not traditional oil reserves. Tar sands pipelines have been leaking ever since they came online a couple of years ago. They are not to be trusted. They're untested; even our national regulators don't know what to do with the tar sands yet," says Seifert.

"Regardless of some people's misinformed opinions about this pipeline, we hope that they will conduct themselves in a way that respects the safety and security of our work sites and the employees and contractors working there, not to mention their own personal safety," says David Dodson, TransCanada Gulf Coast Project.

TransCanada Gulf Coast Project says the protestors chained themselves to a third party contractor's equipment that was not going to be used Wednesday. Construction on the pipeline resumed elsewhere in East Texas as planned on Wednesday.

Hopkins County Sheriff's Office did go out to the construction site, but did not make any arrests.
Tar Sands Blockade protestors say they will continue to protest at construction sites until they shut down the project.

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