Center producer seeks out local talent

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - David Masterson is accustomed to seeking out talents for his productions in big cities. He's trying something different. He and writer-director Shane Frederick know what they're wanting is right here in East Texas.

"She's perfect for the role of a mother in the waiting room. Perfect!," exclaimed Masterson while looking at some takes from a casting call held at the Shelby County Courthouse, not far from Masterson's home studio.

A man actually named James Bond who looks just like Santa read a few lines. "I already have a movie script in mind for him. I just got to write it," said Frederick.

Other folks with interesting looks and untapped abilities showed up too.

"If they take direction really well and they kinda pick up, then that's the diamond in the rough that we're looking for," explained Masterson.

"We found a couple that couldn't really pull it off and then a couple that were just, blow you out of the water. That was pretty amazing and to find them in Center, of all places," said Frederick.

Frederick is a graduate from a technical film school.  He's benefiting from Masterson's 28 years in the business of shooting and producing national commercials, documentaries, television projects and short movies.

"There's no reason to outsource. We can turn key it," said Masterson who works out of a studio attached to his garage. The producer has worked with major networks and traveled the world, but he wraps the experience up by saying he's "street taught".

The production company owner manages a sub company named Trophy Quest. He has young filmmakers and unfound talent in mind. (  )

"The goal is to help them fulfill their dreams. I help them shoot it, help them edit it, help them actually distribute it to short film festivals and stuff like that," explained Masterson.

The open casting/crew calls are for anyone interested in working on short films or acting, novice or experienced. It's a data base for future productions.

"We had people from Kilgore. We had people from Tyler, center, Nacogdoches. We want people from all ethnic groups. We would love to have African Americans and Hispanics show up at our casting calls."

But don't show up thinking you'll get rich right away. Independent film making pay checks come when creators win the prize at film festivals. Then it's shared with the talent.

These creative guys emphasize participation is payment enough.

"Film is an open canvas," said Masterson.

He should know. He's also an accomplished artist and sculptor.

The next open casting crew call is September 11 and 12 at Stephen F. Austin State University.   It runs from 5 to 7 p.m. For more information call 936-591-2971.

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