Hudson Lady Hornets receive state championship rings

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Friday was a special day at Hudson High School, as the entire school was invited to celebrate the Hornets first ever state title. The pep rally was held for the ring ceremony as the Lady Hornets got their first looks at the state championship rings.

Special guests Congressman Louie Gohmert and State Representative Trent Ashby were also in attendance to congratulate the team on their hard work in representing East Texas.

Head Coach and Athletic Director Jimmy Eby was happy to thank countless individuals today during his speech. He admitted that looking up at the new state championship sign everyday will be very rewarding.

"For me it is going to be great because it will be bring back the memories of the season," said Eby. "And for the players it will be great to show that they set a legacy for Hudson in the first state championship."

The Lady Hornets were just happy to finally have their rings in hand.

"It feels great to have it on for the first time," said All-American pitcher Kelsee Selman. "It was great to celebrate this moment with all my teammates."

The Lady Hornets inscribed Philippians 4:13 and the word 'finish,' two themes for last year's team throughout the season, on their championship rings.

One word that seemed to be used throughout the day for this year's team, repeat.

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