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Release for ETX man who killed unborn baby in DWI crash halted

Jorge Rios Perez. (Source: Franklin County Sheriff's Office) Jorge Rios Perez. (Source: Franklin County Sheriff's Office)

The prison release has been temporarily stopped for an East Texas man convicted of intoxicated assault.

Jorge Rios Perez crashed into a seven month pregnant East Texas woman. Days after the crash, Frankie Bakker's baby died. 
Perez was scheduled to be released from prison on Tuesday, but prison officials say that's been halted.

Authorities say Perez is not an American citizen and will be deported to Mexico soon.

Bakker says she's worried Perez will never pay her restitution. She says it's not about the money; it's about what's right. 

The course of Bakker's life forever changed at the scene of a drunk driving crash in 1999. At seven months pregnant, she lost her unborn child. It would have been her first born son. 

"I hit the ground literally because it's not right. My child's life is not worth seven years. It's been 13 years for me without him. And he's only served seven? It's not right. I hit the ground and I couldn't pull myself back up because it's not right," said Bakker.

Perez was ordered to pay nearly $5,000 dollars in restitution. Bakker's worried no one will enforce the judge's order from 2005 because Perez will be deported to Mexico soon.

"My concern is not about the money," she said. "My concern is not about him getting out. My concern is him getting deported and being free because he doesn't deserve to be free again. He took a life, he doesn't need to be free. I want to stop it from ever happening to anybody else." 

Bakker says she's never received an apology or anything close to remorse from Perez. Her shining light through these 13 years, she says, has been her 11-year-old son Michael. 

"He thinks of Robert everyday," she said. "I love him to death how much he honors his brother. Believe it or not an 11-year-old boy can honor a brother that much it's amazing to me."

Bakker braves a day she didn't think would come this soon on Tuesday. It's a day she's been dreading since the death of Robert.

Perez served seven years of his 10 year sentence.

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