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ETX company hosts drive to collect bug repellent for low-income families


New West Nile Numbers released Monday show two new confirmed deaths in East Texas.

Cass County and Harrison County each have one new confirmed death.

No new counties were added to the list Monday, but there are five new cases of West Nile reported in our area since last Friday.

Six people in East Texas have died of West Nile, making the total number of deaths in Texas 50.

But one East Texas pest control company just started a bug repellent drive to make sure more families can protect themselves against the disease.
Gino Springer just opened Green Bug two months ago, but he's already found a way to make a difference.

He'd been offering free pest control services to people of limited incomes when he realized they had a more basic need.

"I'd ask them all if they were wearing repellent, and a lot of them weren't. And that's when I saw the huge need for this segment of the outreach," said Springer.

Green Bug is teaming up with the five Kidd Jones gas stations in Tyler, as well as PATH and the Bethesda Health Clinic, to collect insect repellent.

PATH, the Bethesda Health Clinic, and the Andrews Center will distribute the repellent to lower-income families for free.

"These are items that, number one, can't be purchased with food stamps, and those are people that we care about not being able to purchase the items that make their life easier," said PATH's Community Outreach Coordinator Becky Duncan.

It's an opportunity for a lot of people to help in small ways.

"If there's anybody that wants to take leadership at their office place and collect cans of repellent and bring them to these locations where we're picking them up from, that would be awesome," Springer said.

It's a simple gesture, Springer says, that has a lasting impact.

"One can of Off for a family of five, you know, you have three little kids and you give them protection when they go outside - it only takes one mosquito bite to get West Nile," said Springer.

The drive started Monday and ends Friday, September 21.

You can drop off insect repellent at any of the five Kidd Jones locations in Tyler, at PATH on West Front Street, or at the Bethesda Health Clinic on West Ferguson Street.

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