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FOLLOW UP: Catching up with Drew, 'the lemonade boy' and family


Six-year-old Drew Cox's mission to help his dad fight cancer started on an April afternoon, behind his lemonade stand in his front yard.

"I just did it because I wanted to help him with him money, to help him pay with his bills," Drew said in an April interview. 

Drew's lemonade stand raised enough money to pay for all of his dad's cancer treatments. He helped raise nearly $50,000 dollars and countless prayers.

"More people and more people kept coming," said Drew. "Every car almost parked up the whole entire street and they all came."

"During the lemonade stand we had tons of donations. Even afterwards the donations kept coming in through the mail. Letters of encouragement, people letting us know that they were praying for us," said Randy Cox, Drew's dad.  

Cox was battling a rare form of cancer that caused tumors in his chest. After several months enduring painful chemotherapy, Houston doctors told Cox he was in full recovery. 

"It filled my heart with lots of joy," said Drew.

Drew's kindness captured the hearts of thousands all over the nation. Cox, who's now back at work, says he feels stronger everyday.

"I'm just very thankful for all of the donations, especially all of the prayers. We're a praying family and we believe in the power of prayer and I can only attribute this success to the healing to God. We're so thankful for Him and we give Him all the glory," he said.

It all began with a little boy wanting his dad to get better. Now that Drew's wish has been answered, this weekend, Drew, his brother and dad are going to a monster truck show together. 

"I'm finally healed well enough to where I can wrestle with him. We haven't had a match yet, but hopefully time will allow us to do it soon," said Cox.

"Now that he's all  better he can wrestle with my brother and me," said Drew.

Drew's family says they plan to have a lemonade stand every year to donate to people battling cancer. Drew's family wants to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and donations. 

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