Low-Carb Coke: Does It Fall Flat?

by Michelle Mortensen

Low-carb Coke, or Coke C2 is finally here. Soda with half the carbs, half the calories, and supposedly all the taste. But is low-carb Coke all it pretends to be? Is it like New Coke all over again?

We went to the Heartland Ham Company for lunch to find out. We asked Coke connoisseurs to try both, without knowing which was which.

Michelle Mortensen: "We have regular coke and low-carb coke, and we want you to try it and tell us what you think."


"They taste same."

"Tastes good."

"Very similar."

"There's not much of a difference, honestly."

"Tastes the same to me."

"I can't tell any difference."

Almost everyone was stumped. When we told them which was which, many said they were sold on the product.

"I like that. I think I will be a low-carb Coke customer.”

"I would switch. I would do it in a heartbeat."

"It's better than diet, definitely."

So our study, unscientific as it may be, gives low-carb coke a thumbs up. Our testers thought it tasted great, and they loved the fact that it is less filling.

"Absolutely! Doesn't even matter if it costs more either. I am going to buy it."