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WEB EX: Hundreds of geese ruffle feathers in Miss. neighborhood

(WMC-TV) – They are noisy, dirty, and one Mississippi community wants them gone. Now, they have a plan to get rid of the geese that are ruffling feathers in their neighborhood.

Chris Horton is fed up with all of the geese in his backyard.

"There's way too many now. We just counted up to 230 of them at one time," he said.

Now, he and his neighbors in the College Hills subdivision of Olive Branch hope to fix the problem with nighttime blinking lights called "Goose Away".

The devices have been placed in a lake to disrupt Canadian geese sleeping patterns and drive them away.

"However, with some of the neighbors feeding the geese, it really isn't working as well as it should. Even though they do go away at night, they're all coming back during the day," said Horton.

While some people enjoy feeding them and interacting with them, others say the geese are unsanitary pests. Each goose produces more than one pound of droppings a day, and the feces can harbor disease.

"It gets in the air and people who walk around the neighborhood or try to enjoy the common grounds breathe that in and get it on themselves and we've had one dog pass away because of it and we've had a couple neighbors that have been sick or in the hospital," Horton explained.

Not all of the neighbors consider the geese a nuisance.

"My house doesn't back up to the pond, so I don't see as much of them as I guess some of my neighbors do," said Aaron Brock, who also lives in the neighborhood. "I think it adds to the natural settings or the surroundings of your neighborhood."

Meanwhile, Tammy Moss, who represents the subdivision's managing agent, told Action News 5 she has talked with the USDA APHIS to evaluate and monitor the geese population to see how it has changed in the last month.

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