Texas Farm Products markets deer corn replacement

Texas Farm Products markets deer corn replacement

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - East Texas hunters accustomed to putting straight corn in wildlife feeders are learning they can't afford the gold commodity. Although the Midwest drought has driven corn prices way up, a local feed manufacturer is offering an alternative.

These feed pellets don't look like corn, but deer like it. So do the hunters because of its price compared to corn.

"It retails for $7.49 and our 40 lb deer corn retails for $10.35," Raymond Batten, vice president for Texas Farm Products' feed and fertilizer division, said.

While there are other corn replacement products, Texas Farm Products' formula is moisture-resistant because of East Texas' humidity. It also has more protein and fat than corn.

"It's a 9% protein, 3 fat, 25 fiber and it can be used as a deer feed because of its nutritional value," Batten said.

Hunters now have an affordable alternative to corn. Lone Star  Research May lead to choices for users of other feeds.

Batten said that they are looking at formulations on many different products.

We're having to look at formulations on a lot of products because we have a lot of people here in East Texas who depend on us for livestock feed and horse feed," he said.

Lone Star's deer corn replacer has been on the market for only a couple of weeks, and Hunters are testing it out in a variety of deer feeders. The feedback is promising.

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