Details emerge on Angelina Co. throat-slashing incident

Details emerge on Angelina Co. throat-slashing incident

By Jena Johnson

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Investigators say Pine Road is where Jeremy Ayres left a woman after slashing her throat ear-to-ear.

"Opened her door, drug her out, threw her in the ditch and left her for dead," Capt. Allen Hill said. "She had to walk a considerable distance, half a mile, to a mile to get to help."

Hill says she ended up at this home, where they called for help.

"Lucky she made it," he said. "I mean really she is cut pretty bad. It didn't cut her artery, but she was cut bad."

Hill says Ayres and the victim drove around drinking beer, before Ayres stopped to use the restroom.

He says the victim told authorities it was a random act of violence. There was no argument or sign leading to what happened.

"Our thinking is wondering if there may be some people out there that are missing because there's just no reason," Hill said. "We can't find any motive whatsoever."

He says Ayres denies slashing her throat.

The only thing he would tell investigators is that he doesn't like people or like to be around them.

"You just have to be around him," Hill said. "He showed no remorse, no feelings. There's something wrong with this individual."