Lufkin woman shares weight loss success at Walk Across Texas kick-off

Lufkin woman shares weight loss success at Walk Across Texas kick-off

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Residents and organizations across Angelina County are making an effort to get healthy one step at a time. Walk Across Texas kicked off this weekend, the eight week program is an initiative to motivate and increase physical activity.

"It's just an overall healthy thing for our body, its something that we need to do, to make our bodies healthy," said Christie King, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service.

With 400 participants, teams and individuals will log how much they walk during the program.

Betty Harrison lost 130 pounds and she says walking played a major role in her transformation.

"It took about 21 months, losing three to four pounds every couple weeks and then adding exercise helped," said Harrison.

Using Weight Watchers, Harrison learned how to eat healthy in any situation but adding exercise really sparked her weight loss.

"I didn't start walking initially because I was physically not able to, I started out walking in a swimming pool because it took the pressure off my joints," said Harrison.

As she continued, her physical condition improved and she has managed to keep off the weight for four years.

"Every day I added a little more and eventually I got to a mile a day and now at work my co-workers and I use half our lunch every day to walk two miles together," said Harrison.

There are prizes for the groups and individuals that walk the most miles health officials say competition is secondary to a healthy life.

"The most important thing with this program is self gratification just for them to know that they've accomplished this goal," said King.

A goal that can only be reached by embracing the fresh start that comes with each day.

"For today I'm going to do this, today I'm going to be healthy and then I'd wake up and I'd go do it all over again. Every day is a new day," said Harrison.

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