Get Rid Of Menopausal Symptoms With A Cream

If hot flashes are driving you crazy because you're post-menopausal, help is here, and you don't need to use potentially dangerous synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Doctors at UT Health Center say there is a natural cream that will take all your symptoms away.

Vicki Tidwell suffers from post-menopausal symptoms. They started right after her hysterectomy four years ago.

"I started having hot flashes, weight gain," says Vicki.

She tried to eat right and relax but nothing stopped the symptoms, so she opted for hormone replacement therapy, until she learned of the risks.

"I was afraid to take it because of the increased risk of heart disease, because heart disease is prevalent in my family," says VIcki.

She stopped the pills and the symptoms came back. Finding them unbearable, she went to see Dr. Kenna Stephenson. Dr. Stephenson offered Vicki a chance to be a part of her study on an HRT cream, hoping it would cut the hot flashes without the side effects.

"The cream used in our research study is called Progesterone cream, and it is derived from plant sources, and it is bioidentical, which means it looks like to the body what the ovaries also make," say Dr. Stephenson.

Vicki rubbed the cream on her skin every night, and within a few days, her symptoms were gone.

"I just felt better," says Vicki.

Dr. Stephenson said the cream not only cut the symptoms of menopause, it also has no bad side effects.

"There was no increased risk of a blood clot with a use of the cream," says Dr. Stephenson.

Which is good news for Vicki, since she got rid of her symptoms without the risk.

"It definitely worked for me," says Vicki.

If you would like to try the Progesterone cream and see if it will help with your post-menopausal symptoms, you can be a part of Dr. Stephenson's next study on the cream. Just call 903-877-7753.