Fire gives Nacogdoches' Mast Motorsports a yellow caution flag

Fire gives Nacogdoches' Mast Motorsports a yellow caution flag

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Mast Motorsports in Nacogdoches is recovering today from a Sunday morning fire. Luckily, the fire was contained to the highly specialized piece of equipment where it started. However, the racing engine manufacturer won't let this incident take them out of the race.

Mast Motorsports was running wide open filling a sizeable manufacturing contract when Sunday morning's fire sent up a yellow flag.

John Mast, a spokesman for Mast Motorsports, said the fire was, "bad timing, no doubt about it."

This piece of highly specialized computerized equipment caught fire. The equipment was programmed to work through the weekend in the absence of the company's 38 employees.

Mast said the fire was probably caused by some kind of programming error.

Like a well trained pit crew, the employees went to work earlier today. They were in clean up mode, and they took the burned out machine apart.

The machine was stamping out plastic molds, and the mishap created more black smoke than fire. Soot blanketed two work areas, including a brand new addition. Normally it's a spotless facility.

"Where we build the high horsepower engines in the new facility, we call our clean room and luckily that room was not affected, so he engine builders are back building their engines this morning," Mast said.

The high horsepower engines are shipped all over the world. The engine the Mast crew is currently working on will be shipped to Chicago. The buyer there is looking for a replacement, and there is only one like it in the United States.

"We're taking this up to Chicago up to our other machine and we're just getting it ready in this crate to ship it up there," a Mast Motorsports employee said.

"We're working desperately now to get that machine purchased and get it shipped here and assembled and up and going within the month," Mast said.

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