Former Lufkin man stabbed while saving son in Missouri

Source: Kimberly Baker
Source: Kimberly Baker

SPRINGFIELD, MO. (KTRE) - A former Lufkin man who is trying to bring his family back to East Texas is recovering from stab wounds he suffered in an altercation with a thief Monday night in Missouri.

Gregory A. Baker, 44, was with his son at a storage unit in Strafford, Mo., and getting a deep freezer out of storage to begin the trip back to Lufkin, according to his wife, Kimberly Copus Baker, when he noticed something wrong.

The wife said he noticed the lock was cut on the storage unit, then that items were missing from his truck. Gregory Baker went to the front of the truck to take the keys out of the ignition and when he turned around, he saw a man grab Baker's son.

"A man came out of the dark and had a hold of my son," Kimberly Baker said.

She said her husband yelled at the man, who started backing away with their 15-year-old son. Baker then pushed his son out of the way and began fighting with the man. Kimberly Baker said the man stabbed Baker four times, rupturing his colon and spleen.

Kimberly Baker said her husband did not notice he was stabbed until after the altercation. He then drove his son home and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The suspect ran away from the storage units, Kimberly Baker said.

Kimberly Baker said her husband is in a lot of pain and is on medication and oxygen.

Baker said the family already moved out of the house and, with her husband stuck in the hospital, is now homeless.

Gregory Baker lived in Lufkin all of his life up until last year, Kimberly Baker said. He works as an electrician.

"He saved our son," she said. "He's a hero."

Their son attended Hudson ISD.

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