Does Nacogdoches landmark have a cloudy future?

The Nacogdoches community has always supported the historic Hotel Fredonia. On Tuesdya, the full-scale hotel will receive a prestigious award. Tonight at 6, Donna McCollum reports the hotel's owner is grateful, but candid about the challenges the "jewel of East Texas" is facing.

A Trinity County man says he feels even more threatened after his neighbors, who he says aimed a gun at him, are out of jail on a P.R. bond. The sheriff explains he did nothing wrong with letting them out of jail, but a constable says it was not a responsible decision. Jena Johnson has the report at 6.

At 4pm in East Texas news, we're going to show you a rollercoaster ride that went wrong (with a rider who was only on the rollercoaster to overcome a fear of heights!) and we'll also tell you about a mom who was tired of the bullying her teenage son was receiving, so she took matters (whether a good idea or not) into her own hands, starting a fight with the bullies herself! You'll hear from her at 4.

New at 4:30, we'll show the video from a Best Buy store that was robbed by thieves looking for the new iPhone. The was they broke in was quite dramatic! You'll want to see that for yourself.

We'll also tell you about the terrifying experience a family had in Lubbock when their car was stolen with their 2-year-old still inside! The car was found, but the baby had been removed. We'll tell you how it all ended at 4:30.

And at 5, we'll tell you about a condition called "Popcorn Lung," a serious and debilitating respiratory disease that  a Denver man developed. He says he got it by inhaling a chemical used to give microwave popcorn its buttery flavor. His story, new for you at 5.

Also, police in Alabama say a missing teenager and her abductors may be hiding in East Texas. According to a press release from Dothan Police, Ailene Lander, 15, was abducted from a medical facility on Sept. 17. Police believe her abductor is Charles "Dean" Partin, 36, a truck driver, and her stepfather, who was later joined by Julie Bethke. Check that out at 5.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor