Princess for a day

Find out how an East Texas community is coming together to give an 11-year-old girl born with a disability her wish of being a princess for a day. Donna McCollum brings you the heartwarming story at 6.

An overnight fire has destroyed a 45-year-old family business. At 6, Jena Johnson speaks with the owner, who says he saw thousands of good memories go up in smoke.

First at 4: three men launch commercial-grade fireworks into a tire store; these fireworks burn in excess of several thousand degrees. Arson investigators have it on tape, and we'll show you at 4.

Also, we'll share video from police in S.C. of an officer being taken hostage. It's unbelievable how this criminal, who officers eventually subdued, fought to get away. You can see it at 4.

And new for you a 4:30, it's not unusual for bears to go nosing around, looking for food. But one man found that he had a bear frequenting his back yard, and he caught it on a night vision camera. We'll show you this afternoon.

Speaking of wild animals getting too close to comfort, what would you do in this situation? You are on vacation, enjoying a safari, when a cheetah jumps into your vehicle! You'll hear about some folks who experienced just that in just a bit.

And at 5, we'll let you know what Tyler ISD says about the second confirmed case of whooping cough in one of its schools. We'll let you know what the rules are about when to send a child who has been sick back to school and more.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor