Officials safely recover missing Alabama teen

Officials safely recover missing Alabama teen

Officials have safely recovered the missing Alabama teen early Saturday morning.

In the early hours of Saturday, September 2nd, agents from the FBI took Charles Dean Partin and Julie Ann Bethke into custody in Ohio. They also safely recovered Ailene Mariz Lander and the other five children.

Officials are not releasing many details at this time, but they say the search for the Toyota van has been canceled.

"I'm just thankful, I think there is more of an issue than just the kidnapping what they're returning home to, you always are concerned, is it safer to be with the family or is it safe to be in somebody else's custody," said Pastor Chet Hensley, who encountered the abductors last Thursday.

Officials have been searching for the family after Lander was allegedly abducted by Partin, who is her stepfather. It was discovered on Thursday that the family had apparently come through San Augustine and received money for gas from the First Baptist Church preacher, Charles Hendley. Hendley did not realize the situation until Friday.

According to WXIX, the kidnapping ended with a subsequent rescue in Cincinnati on Saturday.

Agents from the FBI Cincinnati SWAT team, assisted by Cincinnati Police and led by the FBI's Mobile Alabama Division took Partin and Bethke into custody early in the morning hours at 975 Grand Ave, in Price Hill.  Recovered safely was Lander.

Bethke was arrested on a state warrant out of Alabama for interference with the custody of a minor and Partin was arrested on a federal warrant for kidnapping.

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