Nacogdoches kicks off the season with fall fling

Nacogdoches kicks off the season with fall fling

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The city of Nacogdoches kicked off the fall season in style. Saturday the annual fall fling in the farmer's market encouraged healthy living and local shopping.

"We've got dancing, we've got children's yoga we just want to help incorporate living healthy and eating healthy," said Sarah O'Brien, Main Street Manager, Nacogdoches.

The farmer's market is open each weekend but fling was a way to get everyone, including kids involved. Farmer's market officials say familiarity is the key to a successful market.

"Our customers, that's why they come here is to buy, so they know where its coming from. If you buy something here you actually know its being grown by the person you bought it from," said Buckley McIeriney, Coordinator, Farmer's Market.

The farmer's market was revitalized about eight years ago and has been a popular spot in Nacogdoches ever since.

"There aren't a lot of people that are still growing the kind of produce that you would sell at a market," said McIeriney.

"We're very proud that all our produce is locally grown within a 90 mile radius," said O'Brien.

And shopping local makes a positive impact on the local economy."They sell directly to the public so they get to keep all the money they make," said McIeriney.

Officials say teaching children good eating habits now will put them on the right track to a long healthy life.

"It's a way for the children to kind of see that as an alternative," said McIeriney.

Residents will take the locally grown produce they bought with them as well as healthy habits to pass on to the next generation.

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