Long, tough road ahead for former Lufkin man stabbed in Missouri

Long, tough road ahead for former Lufkin man stabbed in Missouri

STRAFFORD, MO. (KTRE) - Although the 44-year-old former Lufkin man who was stabbed in Missouri while protecting his son has been released from the hospital, the journey back to East Texas may be a long, difficult road for him and his family.

According to Gregory A. Baker's wife, Kimberly Copus Baker, doctors told them that he won't be well enough to travel for another two months. Until then, the Baker family will likely be sharing a three-bedroom home with relatives who live in Strafford, Mo.

"Right now we're staying with family," Kimberly Baker, said in a phone interview Monday. "Greg is home, but he has 38 staples in his chest and stomach that will have to be removed on Thursday. He's still in a lot of pain."

Kimberly Baker said that because they had already given up their house and were in the process of moving back to Lufkin when her husband was stabbed, they have no alternative other than bunking with relatives. She said in all, counting her family, there are 12 people staying at the three-bedroom home.

"We've depleted just about all of our money paying for the medications," Kimberly Baker said. "We don't know what we're going to do."

Gregory Baker's wife said she tried to rent an apartment in the Strafford area earlier Monday morning. However, because the people in Corpus Christi that were going employ him as an electrician aren't going to hold his job for him, the apartment complex's management won't rent to the family because none of them have a full-time job.

"I told them that we have the money for the deposit and the first month's rent, but they wouldn't rent to us because none of us have a full-time job," Kimberly Baker said.

In the meantime, Kimberly Baker and her 15-year-old son are both trying to find jobs in the Strafford area to help make ends meet until her husband is well enough to travel. Plus, their church, Bass Chapel, took up a small love offering for the family that has helped and Gregory Baker's sister is trying to put together some kind of benefit for the family here in the Lufkin area, where most of their family still resides.

She said that doctors are afraid that if Gregory Baker, who was released from a Springfield, Mo. hospital Friday night, does anything more strenuous than picking up a plate or a cup, it will cause additional internal damage or reopen his wounds.

On Sept. 19, Strafford, Mo. Police officers arrested a suspect in the stabbing. Jimmy Alsup was arrested on felony charges of assault, burglary, and tampering with a vehicle. His bond was set at $75,000.

In a previous interview, Kimberly Baker said they were about 15 minutes from leaving Missouri and heading back to Lufkin when the assault occurred. They had found a home in Lufkin, and Gregory Baker was about to start working as an electrician in Corpus Christi.

Gregory Baker and his son were getting a deep freeze unit out of a storage unit in Strafford, Mo. when he noticed something wrong. His wife, Kimberly Baker, said that he noticed that storage unit's lock was cut, and that items were missing from the truck.

When Gregory Baker went to the front of his truck to take the keys out of the ignition, he saw a man grab Baker's son. He yelled at the knife-wielding man, who started backing away with the son.

After pushing his son out of the way, Gregory Baker started fighting with the man. Kimberly Baker said the man stabbed her husband four times, rupturing his colon and spleen. However, Gregory baker did not notice he had been stabbed until after the struggle. He drove his son home, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The suspect ran away from the storage units, the wife said.

He saved our son," Kimberly Baker said. "He's a hero."

Gregory Baker lived in Lufkin all of his life before they moved to Missouri. Their son attended Hudson ISD.

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