Tyler Co. investigators still searching for missing mother and son, a year later

TYLER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - In September of 2011 a 79 year-old woman andher physically disabled son went missing and Tyler County investigators arestill searching for answers.

While officials continueto narrow down theories they're reaching out to the public for any information.

"Its kind of like a chess game youhave to make a move when you need to make a move, get the info when you can getthe information," said A.R. Bud Sturrock, Chief Investigator, Tyler CountySheriff's Office.

Lettie and John Fisher Jr. were last seenSeptember 19th, 2011 before going fishing at Magnolia Ridge Park.

"It was never reported until the22nd because its not unusual for a vehicle to be parked in different areas ofthe park two or three days at a time," said Sturrock.

Investigators say they know theFishers went home to change clothes before going fishing but no fishingequipment was ever found."

"None of the fishing equipment waslocated after multiple searches in the creek and park area of Magnolia Ridgewhich is highly unusual," said Sturrock.

Chief Investigator A.R. Bud Sturrocksays several sightings have been reported Lufkin, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri.Officials continue to follow leads and narrow down theories that could possiblyclose the case.

"Its a two theory case as far asactive theories that are leading us to where we think something may developthat would possibly cause us to be closure to it," said Sturrock.

Investigators say with each day thatpasses there is less of a chance they will return home.

But that won't stop them from findingclosure.

"You never know what may come up,what may develop the next day that we can follow-up on and put closure, thiscase will be active forever," said Sturrock.

Investigators are urging the public to call the Polk orTyler County Sheriff's Office with any information about the case.

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